The above pictures are of my Autococker which I purchased about in 1992 or 1993. A very accurate and durable gun. I recently sold this gun in 2020 since I have not palyed in years and if I do play again, I will prefer to go back to using a pump. I took it from close to stock to tricked out. I originally had only replaced the stock barrel with a Smart Parts barrel, stock regulator with a Rock Regulator, added a Thumper expansion chamber, and replaced the stock bolt with an On Target True Flight bolt. Now, I've gone nuts with it...desiring to lower the operating pressure of the gun and increase the speed/accuracy a bit, I've completely updated the gun.

The barrel was replaced with a 10" DYE boom-stick. This barrel will match up better with the current paint on the market. My older barrel was a larger bore barrel and today's paint is more often in the mid-small size bore. Paint to barrel matching is very important when it comes to accuracy, too much discrepancy in this can really affect your ability to hit the target you're aiming at.

The beaver tail was added as is required these days.

A new bolt, the Lightning Bolt by AKALMP replaced the On Target Products True Flight Bolt I had in it before. The older bolt had worn down and isn't near as high quality as the newer AKALMP bolt.

The hammer and cocking rod were replaced from stock to an ACI hammer and KAPP cocking rod. This necessitated replacing the back block to accommodate the shorter cocking rod, which also lightens the hole cocking process, thus speeding up the cycle time a bit. A LAPCO back block was used. A SOCKTECK low pressure chamber was added to the front internals to assist in lowering the overall operating pressure in the gun.

The Thumper by Air America (expansion chamber) was replaced by a Palmer Stabilizer, which also required replacing the sterling silver braided hose that goes to the bottom line adapter. Rounding out the modifications is the addition of a timing hole being drilled into the site rail so the timing can be adjusted easily if needed. Which should now be less frequently required than before.

The overall operating pressure of the gun went from 800psi to 200psi. This should dramatically increase the efficiency of my 20oz C02 tanks. Since my C02 tanks were about 6 or 7 years old, I had new tanks done up with anti-siphon to prevent the Autococker

from going liquid. Drawing liquid into the Autococker is not a good thing. I did not change the 3-way or the rock regulator in the front internals because they are very solid and it would have been unnecessary.

After battle-testing, It doesn't even feel like the same gun in my hand, it is amazing how much smoother it operates.

The gun is a very early model, stamped number 18250 on the body. I expect to get some more great usage out of it. The work was done by the solid air-smiths at Paintballistix.