This page is under construction.

I have had many BattleTech pages since discovering the Tesla II pods and BattleTech : Firestorm in 2003.

I became a master pilot in 2004, I was the Palisades D&B site's SEC (site event coordinator).

I worked at D&Bs for a short while and learned to work on the pods.

I purchased that set from VWE in 2005 and operated the pods in my basement in Pompton Lakes until 2009.

I hosted the only non-retail site, fully VWE sanctioned invitational in 2006 out of my basement in Pompton Lakes.

I remained an active pilot while living in Texas from 2011 through 2014.

I currently play MWO (MechWarrior Online)

I miss the pods as I currently do not have any active pod sites near me.

I will hopefully decide what I want to do with my BattleTech section of my website and build it out soon.