For many years, I spent a lot of time and money having fun out in the woods of North Jersey and Eastern PA playing paintball!

Sometimes we'd even go to a field or two in New York State.

This page is under construction, will be adding info on places I played and the guns I used.

I recently sold my Worrgames Autococker, but I still have my Bushmaster SI pump.

Many years ago I sold my Splatmaster Rapide, my first gun. and my Derringer Mach II was destroyed by someone I lent it to, literally snapped in half. lol. but that was a fun gun for a while.

I enjoyed the pump era a lot more than the semi-auto era of Paintball. To me it was more fun to play a game that was more skill based. The semi-auto era brought on what I refer to as "spray and pray" and cost more to play daily too because you'd eat through alot more paint. I have no doubt it was this way by design, the industry made far more money out of it than when we actually carefully chose our shots for many tactical reasons on the battlefields as well.