"Begin the day with a friendly voice, a companion unobtrusive.
Plays the song that's so elusive, and the magic music makes your morning mood."

 - Rush, Spirit of Radio

Music is important to me, it has many places in my life. I think life would be so drab
and depressing without music. Here's a sample of the music I listen to, just a small
taste of what moves me. I will try to make some pages when time allows for
some of my most favorite artists, I've had a RUSH page for years, I know by now
that I will never tire of listening to their wondrous music.

RUSH Queen Charlie Parker Mozart Band-Maid
Yes Collective Soul Buddy Rich Chopin  Scandal
Dream Theater Bad Company John Coltrane Tchaikovsky  BabyMetal
Spock's Beard AC/DC Maynard Ferguson Beethoven  Pulmolight
Mostly Autumn Styx Benny Goodman Bach  PolkadotStingray
Porcupine Tree Asia The Blues Brothers Rossini Rick Rack
Def Leppard Journey Dave Brubeck Mendelssohn tricot
Heart Black Sabbath Glenn Miller Brahms  
Pat Benatar Led Zeppelin Spyro Gyra Joplin
Blues Traveler Billy Joel Vangelis  
Boston Pink Floyd Enya  
Within Temptation Rick Wakeman Joe Satriani  
Rammstein Deep Purple Evanescence  
 YYNOT  Neal Morse    


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